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The Silent Serenade | A Student Short Film (2023)

A silent film about about James, a senior at college, who grapples with his abusive past, relationship anxiety, and detachment patterns

Writer/Director/Cinematographer/Editor: Parinay Gupta

1st AC: Ellen Liu, Yaoyun Qi, Isaiah Hu
Gaffer: Jacob Whatley
Grip: Kenny Gong, Hadi Chaudhri

Cast: Matthew Alexander, Shu Wu, Nicole Lee, Skylar Knight, Ace Asim

Party People (2023) | Short Film

A short film about a lonely birthday party and a girl who doesn't want to grow up.

Writor & Director: Skylar Knight

Starring: Jaye Bullock

Production Team:  Stephen Kim, Jacob Whatley, Parinay Gupta, Miranda Zhong, Ezra Melaku, Yurina Shirai, Isaiah Hu

The Disagreement | Short Scene

Prompt: Shoot a scene, fully lit, in which two people are having a disagreement on any subject.


Director: Skylar Knight

Cinematographer: Parinay Gupta

Producer: William Herff

Gaffer: Xinyan Lin

Cast: Ian McPherson, William Herff

Broken Axels (2023)

Axel, a senior at college, contemplates if he wants to report his female assaulter, which may or may not upend his life. Although his friends mean well, they reinforce hookup culture, male validation, and are more complacent about the situation than he thought.

Writer/Director: Kira Upin

Cinematographer: Christian Olsen

Cast: Arya, Parinay, Abby 

Recreation of a scene from Fight Club

The narrator encounters Tyler Durden outside a bar and the duo challenge society's materialistic status quo through words and action.

Director: Parinay Gupta

Writer: Chuck Palahniuk

Cast: Parinay Gupta, Nick Kim

Recreation of a scene from Breaking Bad

Jesse, a drug dealer in Albuquerque, meets his high-school chemistry teacher, Mr White, who knows about Jesse's drug business. Mr White offers Jesse a proposal.

Director: Parinay Gupta

Writer: Vince Gilligan

Cast: Nick Kim, Parinay Gupta


The Ever-Lasting Appeal of Mythic Storytelling: Drawing Parallels between Indian Blockbuster Hits and Hindu Epics

Owing to their gargantuan length, the Hindu epics of Mahabharat and Ramayana have been hospitable to a vast array of theories and practices. This paper discusses the similarities between these Hindu epics in two popular Indian films - Hum Saath Saath Hain (1999) and the Baahubali duology (2015-17). The paper draws parallels between their storylines and highlights the films’ reception by global audiences, and takeaways for filmmakers to leverage this interest. 

Paper published at UReCA: the National Collegiate Honors Council (NCHC) Journal of Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity

Ever-Lasting Appeal of Mythic Story Telling Parinay Gupta Duke
Ever Lasting Appeal of Mythic Storytelling Parinay Gupta Duke
Tightening Loose Ends in Narcos Parinay Gupta Duke

Tightening Loose Ends in Narcos 

There is so much good in the Netflix Original Narcos, it is hard to not love it. From Wagner Moura’s nuanced portrayal of the Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar, to the intense game of one-upmanship being played between the Medellín drug cartel and both the U.S. and Colombian governments, Narcos’ two seasons are an addicting watch. However, there is the one aspect of the series that engages me the most: its treatment of female characters, and its shift to their nuanced character development in the subsequent season. This paper discusses this shift and argues if it is a mere coincidence.  

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