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Parinay Gupta Cook Center Capstone Darity

At Samuel DuBois Cook Center’s Spring 2023 Capstone Conference 

Wealth Transformations and Racial Wealth Gap between Majority and Minority Groups in the United States 

Advisors: Prof William (Sandy) Darity Jr., Prof Adam Hollowell


Institute: Samuel DuBois Cook Center, Duke University


Brief: The method to evaluate the racial wealth gap in the US is subject to debate. This independently designed study aims to analyze the direction, magnitude, and significance of racial wealth gap between Whites, Blacks, and Hispanics using different transformations, including logarithmic and inverse hyperbolic sine (IHS), both with and without a log-likelihood parameter. Policy and research implications of these methods and findings are discussed.

Status: Paper under review at a peer-reviewed journal

Optimizing Budget Allocations of Eswatini to Improve HIV Prevention and Treatment

Advisors: Prof Osondu Ogbuoji, Prof Gavin Yamey 


InstituteDuke Center for Policy Impact in Global Health


Brief: Eswatini has the highest HIV prevalence in the world and HIV/AIDS remains the leading cause of death in the country. At the same time, decreases in health budget remain a real possibility as donor investment have declined and are expected to continue to decline in the future.This brief highlights anomalies in allocations towards preventive and curative care and outlines key efficiencies to be leveraged to optimally invest the available resources.

Status: Policy Brief drafted as part of the Center's annual Bass Connections project

Eswatini Health Budget Parinay Gupta Duke Osondu Ogbuoji

Optimized allocations for varying HIV budget levels compared with baseline.

Ryanair Business Case Study Parinay Gupta Duke

Business Case Study of Ryanair DAC 

Advisor: Prof Grace Kim


Institute: Duke Department of Economics 


BriefFounded after the European airline industry deregulation of 1978, Ryanair is an Irish ultra low-cost carrier, infamous for its "no-frills" business model. The airline's unique pricing and revenue model makes it Europe's largest budget airline by scheduled passengers flown, carrying more international passengers than any other airline. This case study does a comprehensive analysis of Ryanair's business model (revenue streams, production chain, pricing strategies etc.) and highlights concerns of product commoditization and externality effects.

Status: Case Study submitted as a class assessment 

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